* 16-bit MS DOS program written for 80486 processors.
Faster PCs may experience erratic animation and mouse issues.
If the keystroke is not indicated in the program then assume it is the first letter of the option.

32-Bit MS Windows Games

Hangman V 1.0 Beta (1,413 KB)

  • 2011: V 1.0 Beta of Hangman features customizable word lists, images, and sounds.

16-Bit MS DOS Games

Connect 4 V 1.1 * (187 KB)

  • 1999: V 1.1 features improved AI and improved network support.
  • 1996: V 1.0 of Connect 4 featured head to head and network games.

Sport Man V 1.0 * (186 KB)

  • 1998: V 1.0 of Sport Man is a clone of the popular game Pac Man.

Super Mind * (108 KB)

  • 1995: Super Mind is a clone of the popular game Master Mind.


Logic Solver V 0.1 Beta (88 KB)

  • 2005: Logic Solver V 0.1 Beta assists you in building, printing, and solving Logic Puzzles.


Sudoku Solver Beta (6 KB)

  • 2007: Sudoku Solver Beta is a command line utility that takes as input: the current state of an n x n Sudoku puzzle and provides as output: whether or not the puzzle is solvable, and if so, a solution to the puzzle.